Your New Favourite Healthy Habit - Infrared Sauna Treatment

Committing to a healthy lifestyle can be difficult for some, but it is so important to look after yourself both mentally and physically. An easy wellness habit that you can do every week, or once a month is having infrared sauna treatments. Not only will this habit improve your overall health, but it will also enhance your lifestyle, making you more focussed, energetic and happier.


How are infrared saunas different to other saunas?

Unlike your traditional hot stove dry saunas, the infrared sauna helps prevent you from getting dehydrated and overheated from all the steam being produced from the boiling water. Instead, the infrared sauna technology penetrates our cells at a deeper level helping us to sweat from the inside out. At Chill, we use the Sunlighten Infrared Sauna which gives a gentler and more effective heat, making these saunas safer, most efficient, and effective.


What are the benefits?

Infrared saunas should be a vital part of your wellness lifestyle, there are many benefits to having regular treatments.


Pain relief

The infrared sauna helps to relieve pain by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation within the body. This also helps to speed up the healing process of some injuries, and aids in relaxing your muscles.



As the infrared sauna penetrates the body, it allows it to sweat from the inside out. This allows your body to sweat out any toxins, that may be causing illness, while also helping with the process of weight loss.


Stress relief

While there are many physical benefits to adding sauna treatments to your routine, being able to have a space where you can relax your body also helps you to relax your mind. This gives you much needed mental rest, helping improve your mood and mental clarity.


Heart health

Infrared saunas are like a passive cardio workout! They make your heart pump more bloody around your body, improving circulation and helping to reduce blood pressure. Strengthen your heart muscle while chilling out!



A scientifically proven ‘fountain of youth’! Infrared saunas have been tested on ageing skin and the benefits have been astounding! Collagen and elastin production is increased as is circulation, which in turn helps to regenerate and revitalise cells and your skin.


Weight loss

Going to make you sweat! Increase your metabolism, burn calories, and stimulate fat burning, infrared saunas do more than work your heart muscle – they are a passive workout and used regularly, can help with weight loss.



The Sunlighten infrared saunas have a patented heating technology that helps to increase cell health and overall immunity.


Want to incorporate this treatment into your weekly wellness routine? Find out more about our Infrared treatments or contact us to book.

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