How To be Chill

Too much stress can have a negative impact on your entire wellbeing. It is important to take some time for you and spend time nourishing your mind, body, and soul. Relaxation helps improve mental clarity, improves your mood and boost your energy levels.


Feeling lethargic? Lost your drive? There are many ways in which to give yourself an energy/mood boost. Little changes can have a big impact on your lifestyle and your stress levels. Here are some ways you can enhance your mind, body, and soul.


For the Mind

Sometimes it can be difficult to relax your mind, as you are constantly thinking about all the things happening around you and all the things you need to prepare for. Some ways to help you relax your mind are:


  • Visualize being calm. Reframing your thoughts and making them positive and calm can help soothe the chaos.
  • When you can calm down the thoughts you are able to be present and not overthink. The present moment enables you to be more in control of your mind, taking away stress.
  • Go outside and move your body. Sweating out all the stress can help take your mind off things along with boosting your clarity and calming your mind.


A treatment where you can achieve all these things is the infrared sauna, which improves your mood and sweats out any toxins that may be contributing to your stress.


For the Body

When you are stressed your body tenses up, making it difficult to feel relaxed and can lead to a number of health issues from simple muscle aches to more serious concerns if the stress is prolonged. The fight or flight natural instincts we were born with have become prevalent in our ever day lives, with many people living in a state of stress constantly. Running late for work, busy with the kids, too many worries or things to do…the list goes on.


Free radicals are rife! From the chemicals in our food, in the air around us due to pollution and modern living, to things we barely even think about like micro-plastics, we are bombarded with nasties constantly. This can create a state of Oxidative Stress which has been linked to being a contributing factor in serious illnesses. Red light therapy can help decrease the number of free radicals in our systems and help to reduce stress.


To help your body get into a relaxed state so that it can heal try the following:


  • Release physical tension from your body. There are many ways that you can release tension from your body, whether this is stretching, getting a massage or changing the temperature of your body to promote healing.
  • Take care of your body, making sure you are not overexerting Try not to push your body beyond its abilities every day. Not only can this result in your body being sore but it can create some health problems as well.
  • Don’t forget to take some time to rest. Put aside time to focus on relaxing and not putting physical strain on your body can help you recover and destress.
  • Book yourself a healing, recuperative therapy session with a professional to help decrease tension and release any stress toxins.


We have a number of cutting-edge technologies that have been designed to relieve tension and strain in the body. Some of these include pressothreapy, cryotherapy, and red light therapy with our Theralight treatment. These treatments are specially designed to help heal and relax your body, helping you become chill.


For the Soul

Whether you call it your soul, your spirit, energy, or simply the electrical currents that make us who we are, there are times when this invisible life force feels drained. Keeping our soul healthy is just as important as our body and mind. The soul is the force that drives our motivation, our joy, and our connections with others. While our mind does the thinking and planning and our body does the doing, our soul does the hard task – keeps us ‘whole’.


Ensuring your emotional cup is full, that you are in a ‘happy’ place, that you feel ‘whole’ and fulfilled, means taking time out for your Self, our soul. Try the following for a little piece of internal bliss:


  • Take some time to breathe and meditate, take your focus off the external things happening in your life. Focusing on your breath can help you relax and create a sense of peace and increased awareness.
  • Don’t overwork yourself, make sure you know when it’s time to switch off for the day and do something you love, or be around people who make you happy.
  • Prioritize yourself and have some ME time, you are allowed to have some alone time to relax and take care of yourself without worrying about people or things.
  • Do things you love, visit someone who makes you feel good, or simply put on your favourite tunes and listen to music that fills you with joy.

The treatments we offer at Chill give you the ability to escape reality and relax, all while providing you with a wide range of benefits for body, mind, and soul!


When you can relax your mind, body, and soul, your overall wellbeing improves drastically. For the ultimate chill out, book a treatment with us and push that RESET button on YOU.

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