Recovering from Fatigue with Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is so incredibly good for your wellbeing. Don’t take it just from us – hear direct from one of our clients about how red light therapy is helping them recover from chronic fatigue.

About a year ago, I got sick with a cold/flu and never fully recovered again. Prior to getting sick, I was working 5 days a week, studying 2 days a week, and knee-deep in preparing for a major overseas holiday. When I got sick, I did not rest enough; I felt pressure from myself to keep on top of everything, regardless of how I sick I felt. After a couple weeks, most the cold/flu symptoms were gone, but the crippling fatigue was not and my whole world was changed. I was bed-ridden for the next 6-months, too tired to speak for more than a few minutes, too tired to even sit in a chair for more than 15 minutes. Reading, writing, cleaning, cooking, showering, basically everything, was too tiring. If I need to walk more than a few metres, I had to do it at a glacial pace. Even crouching down to pick something up sent intense waves of fatigue through my body. I had to leave my job, withdraw from my studies, and cancel my trip (thank goodness for travel insurance!).

My doctor and I tried everything the medical community suggested to help me recover from this chronic fatigue but recovery was pain-stakingly slow and at times went into reverse. One day I asked my doctor what caused fatigue like this, to which my doctor shared that the medical community does not really understand what causes long-term fatigue, so they do not know how to treat it either. It was clear to me I now needed to take charge of my own recovery. And I found an answer in the most unlikely of places.

One day while scrolling through a social media forum discussion summary about treatments that people did not expect to work as well as they did, I stumbled across this post:

Bored Panda post (2023). What Seems Like Snake Oil But Is Actually 100% Legit?

Honestly, the idea of light therapy seemed a bit woo-woo to me, but I had tried everything traditional and got nowhere. I did a quick search online and found scientific studies suggesting this could actually work. I also discussed this as a possible treatment with my doctor and my doctor approved it. So, I googled places that offered this treatment and discovered Chill Wellness. The team were absolutely fantastic, answering all my questions, taking me through what to expect, and being a warm smile I could look forward to seeing two to three times a week.

After the first fortnight of treatment, I began to feel a small but significant shift happening in my energy levels and overall mood. A few more weeks after that, I was experiencing about a 15%-20% increase in my overall energy levels. This was incredible to me, after so many months of sheer exhaustion and failed attempts at getting better.   For reasons out of my control, early on I had to stop doing red light therapy for about a fortnight, a couple different times. Both times, my energy levels would slowly go down again. While annoying at the time, this was actually a helpful experience as it proved to me the impact the treatment was having on my fatigue and overall wellbeing.

I’ve been doing red light therapy for about six months now and it is an essential part of my wellbeing routine. The longer I have been doing it, the more the gains accumulate. Almost every aspect of my life that chronic fatigue halted is significantly improving. I can sit upright longer, speak for longer, spend less hours in bed every day, walk further and faster than before. I’m even in the process of applying for a few hours of part-time work, truly something that felt out of reach even 6 months ago. The fatigue is still a daily reality, but I’m headed in the right trajectory and at a greater pace than before. I’m deeply grateful for every step achieved with red light therapy and the team at Chill Wellness. I wish everyone dealing with fatigue knew about red light therapy.


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